How it works
Predict the outcome of one (1) upcoming match. If you get it right then your prediction streak begins! If you continue to guess outcomes correctly, one match at a time, you shall climb the FIFA Predictor leaderboard. If you make a mistake then your prediction streak shall be reset to zero.

How to play
Step 1: carefully read the game’s rules below.

Step 2: visit the 'My Predictions' section and view the daily menu of fixtures. Select an upcoming fixture and try to predict the outcome.

Step 3: the concept is simple: predict either a win for either Team A or for Team B. In some fixtures, you will also be able to select a 'win or draw' option.

Step 4: after a match is completed, there are two possible outcomes: (1) your prediction was correct and your prediction streak increases by one point; or (2) your prediction was wrong in which case your prediction streak is reset to zero and you must start again from scratch.

Step 5: once your match prediction has been processed it's time to predict your next fixture! Your ultimate goal in playing FIFA Predictor is to increase your prediction streak by making accurate match predictions as many times in a row as possible. All participants start with a prediction streak of zero. The number of correct predictions which you make in a row determines the length of your prediction streak.

What are the Rules of the new FIFA Predictor?


AM I ELIGIBLE TO PLAY? FIFA Predictor is only open to Club Members who are aged fourteen (14) years of age or older as at the date of entry into the Contest. All Club Members must carefully review and agree to the terms and conditions of the FIFA Predictor game (located at to be eligible to enter.

CONTEST ENTRY DATES: The FIFA Predictor 2014 season starts at 12:00 (CET) on 1 February 2014 and finishes at 09:00 (CET) on 30 December 2014. The FIFA Predictor 2014 season will, however, pause during the months of June and July 2014, at which time the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ will take place. Throughout the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, no one will be able to participate in the FIFA Predictor 2014 nor will any winners or prizes be awarded. The 2014 season of FIFA Predictor 2014 will resume on 1 August 2014 and end, as stated, on 30 December 2014 at 09:00 (CET).

SELECTING MATCHES: You can only predict one match at a time. Only once your selected match is over and the result has been processed will you be able to make your next prediction. You are not required to play every day, but the more matches you predict successfully, the longer your streak gets and the higher up the leaderboard you can climb!

CANCELLED MATCHES: If a match, the result of which you tried to predict, does not take place for any reason, then your streak will NOT be reset. The fixture will simply be marked as "cancelled” and your
score will remain the same.

LEADERBOARDS: There are two main leaderboards for FIFA Predictor; both are updated daily. (1) The Current Round Leaderboard lists the players with the longest streaks for the round (every round is one month long, beginning on the first and ending on the last day of each month). If more than one player finishes the round with the longest streak, the player with the greater number of correct predictions wins the tie-breaker. (2) The Year Leaderboard lists the players with the longest streaks for the entire season so far. The player who finishes the season with the longest streak will be declared the grand prize winner. In the event of two or more players finishing the season with the same high streak AND the same number of correct predictions, a performance ratio will determine the overall winner.

WINNER NOTIFICATION: The Club member who tops the FIFA Predictor Overall Leaderboard at the end of the season will be declared the contest winner. The winner will be determined shortly after the final game deadline and will be notified by email. The winner will be required to provide a mailing address, which will be used for prize fulfillment. In the event that it is determined that the winner: (i) has not complied with the official FIFA Predictor game rules; (ii) has failed to execute and return any required documents within the specified time period; (iii) has made false statements; or (iv) a prize notification is returned as undeliverable, then that prize winner will be disqualified. Consequently, and at FIFA's sole discretion, the Club member with the second highest ranking on the leaderboard will be awarded the grand prize.
TIES: In the event of a tie the FIFA Predictor Season winner and/or monthly winners will be decided by FIFA in its sole discretion in accordance with the rules described above.

ADDITIONAL FEES: The winner is solely responsible for all expenses, costs or fees associated with the transportation and acceptance and/or use of the prize not specified as being awarded as part of the prize, including without limitation, any and all taxes (if any). The winner shall not be deemed to be a recipient of the prize until s/he has been verified as the winner by FIFA. Upon fulfilling the prize, FIFA will be deemed to have awarded the prize to the winner and such winner assumes full responsibility for the prize. All prize details are at FIFA's sole discretion.